Hosted IP Services

Replace your Traditional Analog PBX

Teliphone offers businesses a cost-effective alternative to traditional, premises-based phone systems. A hosted, IP-based PBX (Private Branch Exchange) means that your phone system is housed within our highly-secure and redundant data centers, with all inbound and outbound calls being routed through it directly to each extension in the office. Receptionist routing can also be accommodated, along with all other standard PBX features, including paging, extension-based and departmental voice-mail, forwarding, conferencing, etc.

A significant advantage of the hosted IP PBX is the company’s ability to make changes to their phone system configurations, such as adding or removing extensions, expanding offices or moving without the high costs normally associated with these procedures. Likewise, employee extensions can be anywhere, either at their homes or a branch office, without any changes to the phone system. This service enables a truly virtual call center, as each call center station can be anywhere an internet connection exists. This offers the ultimate flexibility for reducing telephony costs.

Multi-Location Branch Offices

Teliphone’s hosted IP-PBX solutions are frequently used by companies with multiple branch offices, since all receptionist requirements can be amalgamated into one of the branch locations, thereby reducing cost.

Multiple Retail Store Applications

Teliphone has developed an expertise in equipping retail chains with their telephony and data needs- each store becomes unified on one telephony network, making store-store and head-office to store phone calling as free, extension dialing. Likewise, advanced calling analysis can provide information to you about who is calling, and based on their caller ID, route them to the closest store, etc. Teliphone can incorporate personalized changes to hosted IP-PBX platforms that meet even the most particular requirements.

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