Global PRI

Teliphone’s Global PRI

Traditional PRI’s (Primary Rate Interface) offer a limited ability to add multiple phone numbers from the same phone rate center over 23 channels of dedicated in-bound and out-bound voice calls. Teliphone has taken this basic concept to a whole new level, with the Teliphone PRI- 23 voice channel capacity, however, for phone numbers from over 50 countries worldwide! This offers the ultimate flexibility for an local or international business- phone numbers can be added in any combination, ie. Local numbers combined with some international ones, toll free numbers, etc.

Teliphone supplies the necessary Global PRI equipment such that traditional analog and newer IP-based telephony systems can interface without any middleware or adaptive equipment. Teliphone also provides the dedicated bandwidth and required redundancy strategy in order to provide crystal-clear call quality and the highest uptime.

Global PRI services include unlimited National and Global calling services, and include phone number selections from almost every Canadian and US rate center, as well as those of major cities in over 50 countries worldwide. For a full list of available phone numbers, please click here.

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