Portable TV

You can travel with you Teliphone IPTV Digital TV terminal and watch TV anywhere in the world on any high speed internet access.

IPTV Digital

Get access from public internet stream source.


IPTV Digital TV channels and video content is being provided without any liability from teliPhone regarding copyrights. Teliphone IPTV service is a streaming transport service with media originating from external internet source. Channel availability may vary and change. Only Standard Definition (SD) is currently being offered. Teliphone is not responsible for extra consummation of internet bandwidth on non teliPhone internet access. Each hour of view in SD (Standard Definition) equal to approximately 1 Gb of data per hour. To assure quality of TV viewing, shared internet access being use for IPTV must have QoS (Quality of Service) enable router for prioritize access to TCP/IP packet for the IPTV terminal at all time. All VoD Video On Demand are prepaid, and credit must be purchase prior to viewing.

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