* Important

The Equipments can be on a lease at $8.95 per month or you can purchase them at $299.00
GST and PST or any other provincial or state taxes are not included.

ADSL and ADSL2+ Internet access where the service is available. If both services are available in your area, ADSL 2+ will be provided. Speed of download can fluctuate based on your area. Unlimited monthly usage is now offer, but limit can be imposed by external public network operator. Extra usage can be charge per extra Mb of usage.

Residential telephony is for normal residential use only. Any abusive or commercial usage is prohibited. Unlimited provincial, national or North American package plan are offer separately. All long distance and international call are billed separately at rate available on www.telipone.com.

IPTV Digital public content is being provided without any liability from teliPhone about copyrights. Teliphone IPTV service is a streaming transport service with media originating from external internet source. Standard Definition (SD) is currently being offered. Teliphone is not responsible for extra consummation of internet bandwidth on other internet access. Each hour of view in SD (standard definition) equal to approximately 1 Gb of data per hour. To assure quality of viewing, shared internet access being use for IPTV must have QoS Quality of Service enable router for prioritize access TCP/IP packet of the IPTV terminal at all time.

Mobile service Voice / Data must be used at all time along with the teliphone MCP module for unlimited calling in Canada. International call are prepaid only, and account must have credit prior place international calls. Call being place and receive outside of the original local zone will be subject to roaming charges. Rates are available at www.telipone.com. If calls are made without the teliPhone MCP module, all calls will be charged at the rate of 1.00 $ / minutes. Package with data service include 1 Gb of data transfer per month. Any exceeding data transfer is charge per addition Mb.

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