Frequently Asked Questions


Does the phone only work with a high speed Internet connection?
Yes, you need to at least have basic high speed Internet service.
When I purchase my téliPhone™, will I be able to choose my own phone number?
Every téliPhone is pre-packaged with a phone number written on the box. You may select the phone number you like best. You may also choose to have your existing phone number transferred to us – you may make an application by filling out this PDF form Teliphone cannot guarantee that all existing phone numbers can be ported to us.
Why should I replace secondary line with a téliPhone?
We believe you will find that the téliPhone service offers many advantages over traditional telephone services at an extremely competitive rate! Unique features, such as "Follow Me", help illustrate the level of innovation we are committed to delivering to you.
When I cancel a residential line, will I be able to keep the same phone number?
Yes (provided portability of your number is possible). Simply fill out the form available on the téliPhone™ website, and fax it to us with a copy of your last phone bill. Within 15 days we will be able to program your téliPhone™ with your old phone number. Click here to download the PDF form.
Can I have more than one phone number on my téliPhone™? Can they be in different area codes?
Yes, this is possible. There is an additional charge of $4.95 per month for each phone number in a different area code.
Can I have more than one téliPhone™ handset programmed to use the same phone number?
Yes. There is an additional charge of $4.95 per month for each additional handset programmed for the same phone number.
Can I have a confidential number?
Not at this time.
What if I do not like the téliPhone™ service?
You have 30 days to return your téliPhone™ for a full refund. Please see our return policy.
What allows Teliphone to offer this service at such a competitive rate?
IP technology is less expensive than traditional wired and cellular phone service.
Is the téliPhone™ service available in the United States?
Do you offer a discount if I purchase multiple téliPhones™?
No. The price is the same for every téliPhone™ handset.
Can I use the 411 service with my téliPhone™?
Yes at a cost of $1.25 per request.
Can I use the 911 service with my téliPhone™?
Yes, however, Teliphone has a very limited 911 service due to the technology of Voice over Internet Protocol. For full details about our 911 service offering, please visit
How can I check my voice mail from another landline or cellular phone?
téliPhone™ offer multiple local phone number to access our voice messaging system. Simply dial the number and follow the instructions.
  • Montreal metropolitan area
    • 514-313-6003 (in English)
    • 514-313-6004 (in French)
  • Toronto metropolitan area
    • 416-849-0949
  • Granby
    • 450-574-8181
  • Saint-Hyacinthe
    • 450-484-8110
  • Sherbrooke
    • 819-575-8200
  • Ottawa
    • 613-380-8090
  • New York
    • 646-224-2220
  • Quéc
    • 418-948-7070
  • Joliette
    • 450-960-5020

téliPhone™ (Wireless Internet (VoIP) phone)

What is a téliPhone™?
A téliPhone™ is an IP (Internet Protocol) phone that connects to the Internet using a high-speed Internet connection equipped with a Wifi router or wireless access point.
Does téliPhone™ replace cellular/mobile phone?
The téliPhone™ is not a cellular. Your téliPhone™ will work everywhere in the world provided there is an open WiFi coverage. This includes: Your home, your work, hotels, airports, internet cafés, and more!
What is téliPhone™’s coverage area?
The téliPhone™ will work anywhere in the world where there is an "open" WiFi network.
Is the téliPhone™ compatible with any type of wireless router?
The téliPhone™ is designed to work with any wireless router of type B or G.
Does the téliPhone™ support more than one line (call waiting)?
How long does the handset battery last?
The battery lasts approximately 2 hours without interruption or 8 hours with moderate usage. Heavy usage may result in a lower battery life - we recommend that the téliphone remain within its charger when not in use, or that it is turned off when not in a wi-fi hot-spot.
Is it normal that after a few minutes of use, the téliPhone™ battery gets warm?
Yes, this is normal.
Is there a directory on the phone where I can add names and numbers?
Yes, you can store up to 50 contacts in your téliPhone™ directory.
Is there a warranty on the téliPhone™ handset?
Yes, the téliPhone™ handset comes with a 1-year warranty.

téliPhoneLine™ (Wired Internet (VoIP) Phone)

Is the téliPhoneLine™ compatible with any type of telephone?
The téliPhoneLine™ is designed to work with any regular residential phone.
Does the téliPhoneLine™ support more than one line (call waiting)?

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