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Using your téliPhone while traveling

Most hotels provide a broadband connection in the hotel room. To take advantage of this and to use your TéliPhone wireless Internet phone wherever you are in the world, here’s a simple trick:

  1. Plug in your wi-fi router to create a small wireless hotspot in your hotel room.
  2. Next, turn on your laptop and clear the hotel’s captive portal by launching your browser.
  3. Once you have the freedom to surf to any web page, then turn on your TéliPhone, scan and go!

What just happened?

Since your browser on your laptop is capable of clearing a captive portal (usually by clicking on “I accept” or entering a username and password), you are capable of registering your wi-fi router as a welcome device on the Hotel’s network. Therefore, any device connected through it can now access the web, get its ip address and register on our servers.

Extending your téliphone’s battery life

While téliPhones are equipped with the latest lithium-ion battery technology, unfortunately, the device uses more battery power than would a typical cellular phone for the same length of conversation and stand-by. Therefore, whenever not in a wi-fi zone, be sure to turn off the device. Likewise, when within a wi-fi zone, try to keep the unit in the charger as often as possible. Standard headpieces used on cellular phones (look for the two black rings on the plug to check for compatibility) can be used on your téliPhone.

Improving call quality with a DSL broadband connection

Occasionally with a DSL connection, you may notice that your téliphone may sound like it’s cutting out, or at worst, calls are being dropped! Since a téliphone conversation quality is determined in part by the quality of your broadband connection. One of the best ways to improve this if you’re having difficulty is to ask your DSL broadband service provider to provide you with enough DSLAM filters for all your phones. Don’t forget about any wall mounted phones either, as these filters come in a wall-mounted format as well. Sometimes, for older phones, you can place 2 filters in a row to improve filtering. This works great and will greatly improve your call quality.

Spreading the news

We are always looking to spread the news on ways to maximize our customers’ téliPhone experience. If you have any comments to add to our "User’s tips" section, please send them to me and I would be glad to pass them on to the rest of our customers! I can be reached at

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